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The decision to buy a property is an important one, whether this is your personal home or a commercial investment, you want to ensure that the home or building is in excellent condition. Erison Property Inspection is licensed by the State of Illinois to provide you with the peace of mind that you are making a solid investment.

We will complete a thorough visual inspection of the property and deliver a report with our findings the same day! Our property inspection will include the exterior and interior areas of the house or building and can also include additional testing such as Radon, Mold, Asbestos, Water and Thermographic photos upon request. You can be confident that you have the right team on your side at Erison. Our team of property inspectors has an extensive knowledge in general contracting, new construction, restoration and rehabilitation to deliver detailed and accurate reports for you.

Radon Testing to Avoid a Silent Cause of Cancer

Did you know that you cannot see, smell or taste radon? It can greatly increase your chance of lung cancer and without testing your home or property you will never know if it exists. Our experts in home inspection and property inspection will complete radon testing to ensure that your home or commercial property is free from radon and its harmful effects.

Ensure Your Property Is Clean and Free of Mold

Mold is often the cause of many illnesses for those that are living in a home or working in a building that is infected. It has the capability to cause cold and flu like symptoms or much worse if you have prolonged exposure. Our certified home inspection and property inspection professionals will test all areas of your home and property to determine whether this should be a concern.

Asbestos Testing for Peace of Mind

Asbestos was once a very common construction material and has now been identified as a possible cause of cancer and other illnesses when airborne. It is extremely important that you determine whether the property that you are looking to invest in, or now work or live in, is free from this building material or whether you need to have the seller take steps to ensure your safety upon purchase. Our experienced property inspectors and home inspectors will do a detailed test of your property to ensure that you have this information and can take the necessary actions.

The Future of Home Inspections Is Here and It’s in Color

Technology has given us the gift to see beyond our vision and show us hidden concerns or excellence within our properties. Our new Thermographic scanners are capable of identifying energy efficient and energy deficient areas of your home or commercial property. Our home and property inspections will identify if your home or building is insulated well and can also identify possible roof leaks through the use of thermographic photos that show us everything, in vivid color.

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